July 2020

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Unbounce raises $39 in first major round in 9 years

Unbounce hasn’t reported an equity raise since 2011. Their last known funding was debt financing in 2015. Unbounce’s capital efficiency up to this point has been impressive. We are excited to see what motivated the company to do such a raise after all these years.

Pipe raises $60m for off-balance sheet lending

This news comes just 4 months after Pipe raised $6m in seed funding. According to reports, they plan to loan out a sizable portion of the newly acquired $60m through their platform focused on SaaS specific receivables financing.

Amazon unveils small business credit for their e-commerce venders

“Revolving credit lines with a fixed annual interest rate of 6.99% to 20.99%” will be offered to small business owners who sell on Amazon. Originally, Amazon was going to build a marketplace, but that strategy was dropped to work solely with Goldman’s Marcus brand.

How COVID-19 Changed The VC Investment Landscape In The US

VC rounds are down 44% YoY, but the average amount of funding per round seems to be about the same. However, this average seems to be inflated by the increased size of series A rounds. The biggest hits are to series B+, travel tech and health companies.

The Rise of Debt for SaaS Companies

Debt has always been an option for SaaS companies, but not for bootstrapped ones. CFODIVE takes a look at how debt is now a real viable option for all SaaS Companies, big and small.

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