August 2020

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How to Qualify for SaaS Financing

We took a look behind the scenes of what SaaS financing companies want in a borrower. Margin, balance sheet, product, customer base—here is how lenders think about your creditworthiness.

Tech Stack for SaaS Finance Teams

A recent study shows 88% of CFOs still rely on spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting. Geoff Charles runs through some software that is available to solve problems for SaaS finance professionals.

Technology Funding on the Decline

Startup funding within the U.S. and Canada dropped another 12% in Q2—influenced by the additional risk this pandemic has brought. Although, that 12% number likely doesn’t tell the whole story.

In Q2, the majority of funding rounds were in excess of $100 million and went to more “mature startups” than in the past. This left a hole in equity investment for the majority of smaller startups.

Small to medium sized startups have been gravitating towards venture debt, which remained the most open form of funding available throughout Q2.

How Lockdown Has Changed the Perspective of Venture Investors

James Heath at UKTN examines how different types of investors are looking at deals in the current remote environment that we operate in. He provides great insights into how deals are being affected in the age of virtual pitches.

Make sure to look at the chart regarding investor confidence.

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