Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you fund?

Our fastest funding was only four days, but our average time to funding is six weeks. So, we will work with your schedule as best we can.

Do you require warrants?

No, we help drive growth, not dilution. We  believe warrants are not in the best interest of founders and have never done a loan with a warrant.

Do you share data of companies you’ve lent to?

We value our founder’s privacy and do not share data about our clients without consent.

Will you lend to companies that aren’t profitable?

We lend based on recurring revenue, not profit. Although burning cash to grow is part of high growth strategies, we like to see this done in a managed way that fits into the business's objectives and growth plan. We are fine with pre-profitability if a company has low debt, a plan, low churn, and enough revenue to secure the loan amount.

Do you have prepayment penalties? Can I prepay my loan?

We have no prepayment penalties. However, we do require a notice period after a pre-agreed minimum term length.

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